Item Saver for My New Zealand Trip

Recently, I traveled to New Zealand with my friends. And before I share about my trip, I would like to share the items that save me during the trip.

1. Mini Lamp

We choose dormitory room for this trip and we should share rooms with another backpacker. Most of the time, we arrived late at night, this mini lamp is very useful when we came inside the room without stumbled, we won’t make our arrival disturb another backpackers anyway. 

2. Mini Lamp

I’m not mispelled, and yes, this is the same mini lamp as I mention before, but this is because the mini lamp has magnet. As we all know, most of dormitory beds has iron frame, the magnet will help the lamp stick to the frame. This is very useful when we should pack or unpack our backpack. For me, this kind of lamp is better than headlamp… The light of headlamp will move as I move my head, sometime it makes my eyes uncomfortable.

3. Reflector ribbon

I find it useful since I regularly hike and camp. When the sun goes down, we need artificial lights to see, and it will be more easy to find things when the items has light reflector.

I have reflector ribbon to support my need, I glued or sewed the ribbon at my bags, but sometime, if I did not have reflector ribbon, I use anything that reflect light, like reflector sticker, eventhough it will not last, at least it will stay more than 2 weeks before it pelled off. 

The reflector sticker stays more than 2 weeks through rainy and cold weather

4. S shaped hook

Some dorm has minimal facilities to minimize budget, sometime the room didn’t have any hook for us to use. But it will be no worries if we bring S shaped hook with us, we can hang it at the bed frame.

5. Cicada’s feet

Eewww.. Cicadaaa… 

Hahaha, not real cicada’s feet.. But this thing has the capability to stick at the slick surface. By the help of this “feet”, we can stick the phone at the dashboard and see google maps more easy. 

6. Stickers and Permanent Marker

If notes and pen is your usual things to bring, I add stickers and permanent marker as must thing to bring. I love fluorescent sticker, since it makes things stand out.

This duo can use for many purposes; labeled our food before stored to shared refrigerator, for example.

7. Empty Water Bottle

Traveling to some country can be uncomfortable for some reason. Me, it is more comfortable to use water after “toilet time” than use tissue. Not only because daily habit in my home country but also because sanitary rules in islam (water is way better than any other sanitary methods, if there’s water, prioritize to use it).

So I bring this empty water bottle, fill it in wash basin and go to the toilet. 

I understand that some countries try to minimize water consumption, so I learn to use it wisely.

8. Antiseptic

This one is my must traveling item (everywhere to go). I mix Dettol antiseptic and some drops of lemongrass oil. 

Dettol has 2 active ingredients: Chloroxylenol; the antibacterial that acts to kill germs and reduce inflammation and Isoprophyl Alcohol; which has capability to kill bacteria and fungi. Dettol also contains Pine Oil which also has antibacterial capabilities. To add the capabilities, I add Lemongrass Oil, this oil meant to banish most of insects like ants, mosquito. 

I use this mixture for many thing; 

* Toilet seats; especially during flight, we can’t expect the lavatory will always at perfect clean, or when we share toilets with another backpacker. Clean it yourself better than complaining.

* As add ons when I laundry my clothes, it will maximize laundry powder to eliminate odor.

I still have a bit after 2 weeks traveling

9. DIY Sandfly Repellent

When in most of country has mosquitos, New Zealand has sandflies, and it bites during the day. And because the famous bites, I try to made my own repellent. 

If you want instant repellent, you might buy at any store in New Zealand’s Airport, souvenir shop and some convinience store. 

I made it myself because I don’t like sticky sensation of most repellent at the counter, so I choose to pick one of my herb lotion, add lavender oil plus geranium oil and shake it until mixed (the original repellent usually contains citronella oil). I made my DIY repellent only 20ml for 2 weeks, since I wear hijab, I only use the repellent for my hands and face… If you don’t wear hijab, you will need more. Not every part of the island has sandflies, I only experience it in South Island and during hike.

If you forget to use repellent and it bites you, don’t scratch it, or it will get worse. 

That’s nine items saver for my New Zealand traveling last week. Do you have your item saver? Share with me…  ğŸ™‚


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