A Lifetime Friend

I found some pictures I’ve taken in 2008. My mind instantly flashback into that moment.

Back then, when train transportation less discipline than today, I noticed there was a middle aged couple who did their routine morning activity, different than others.

Curiousity began when I saw a man with his cigar lean on the platform bench, with his bicycle, seems like wait for someone. Then the train came and stop at the platform.

From the last door of the train, there was a woman bought so many groceries. I learned that she was his wife, she was from Kebayoran Traditional Market bought some groceries to re-sell the groceries at Jombang Traditional Market, a market near by the train station.

The husband picked her up with his bicycle. He wasn’t picked her at the parking lot, but directly to the train track because it was more easier for them to move the groceries. The husband nor the wife shouldn’t carried the groceries on their back from the train platform to the parking lot.

They always arrived in the morning around 6 o’clock and always did the same thing everyday, exactly the same way, with the same rhyme.

This photo was the last day I’ve seen them doing they routine morning activity.

Quiet a luck to freeze the moment of a lifetime partnership before it was unseen after that day, captured the moment that I might forgot if I only depend on my memory.


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  1. So, did you monitor them day after day?


    1. Utami Isharyani says:

      That was the last day I saw them, maybe they’re moved somewhere else


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