Weekender at Batu Lawang

Batu Lawang wasn’t one of our itinerary. At first, we just thought about city tour: gone to museum, and to historical places with motorbikes… until, one of us got the idea.

Lawang means door, Called lawang because two large stones leaving a gap resembles the door, and like a door —connect between one room and another— The rocks connect the City of Cilegon and Serang Regency.

This place is perfect for weekend travelers who don’t have much time but still have enough adrenaline just to challenge themselves.

We came in five, four of us came in easy lanes, rode motorbike to the last post before walked and climbed that two big rocks. However, Teguh, chose an unusual way, literally by feet, run from his home in the Serang area and then climbed to the top of Batu Lawang.

Maybe some people think we’re crazy to hike during fast, how if we thirst or hungry, people said. But it is a fortunate to got there during the day of fasting month; the hill was quiet and we have the hill for ourselves. And fasting was not an excuse to do nothing or do less active during the day, right?…

We usually hike before dawn to catch sunrise, but not here… because the rocks will be very slippery, so we chose to climb under clear sky when the sun slightly above the horizon.

Along the way, we were accompanied by a cat which seemed to know that we were going to climb the Batu Lawang, the feline was happy to be our guide, ran agile while occasionally looked at us behind it, waited for us until we were close enough and then the feline run ahead us until we reach the top of Batu Lawang.

Soon after we reach the top, the benign little feline rubbed it head at our feet and played with my toes.

Because the hill was ours, we monopoly the sight. Serang looks beautiful from above. We can see the biggest mosque from above, Serang’s industrial sites, hills, woods and the harbor, our next destination.

As the sun rose higher, we gone back to our start line. This time our feline fellow didn’t want to join, prefer sleep and enjoy sunbath.


@Dawam, Fitra & Teguh, thanks for being good hosts.

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