Be a good guest


It was the second time I visit Lampung, and between all the happy trip with my friends, there was also a sadness..

I met a group who only knew how to have fun with their friends but doesn’t care about the environment.

During snorkling time, I couldn’t purely enjoy my time visit Neptunus’ world because that kinda group stepped on the corals, got into the sea roughly, made my vision inside the water blur and made some fish hide and stress.

Who said only human who get stress? Fishes too… because you are human doesn’t mean you can do anything you like everywhere. You are guest in their world, so be a good guest!

I was told some of them not to stepped on the corals, but they neglect… and arguing, said “the corals will be okay”, “corals are rock from the sea, they’re strong like a rock” and said that I was over-reacted, exaggerated.

I just can say, “learn the place you want to visit, be a good guest… I hope your feet will not step on sea urchin or crown of thornes”.


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