Jalan Lintas Sumatera; Real Fast and Furious Ride


Jakarta, a city with a lot of free ways, many transportation mode, –soon to have– MRT. A city with traffic jam problem yet illegal motorbike race plus so many traffic accident.

Living there for 30 years doesn’t mean I know everything about living with daily traffic problems, at least that what I was tought before I experienced traffic in Jalan Lintas Bakauheni – Sumatera last weekend to reach Pahawang Island and on the way back to Bakauheni Harbour.

Found out that driving that way was not a strange thing there was really shocking my nerves. For me it is like experienced Fast and Furious by myself.

For a Jakartans like me, it was like neglect safety issue. Drive the car with 100 kilometres/hours with narrow road (it is only about 20 feets for two ways — or less in some points), so many intersection, u-turns, bikes, kids, and animals sometimes.

The most part which made me hold my breath was when the driver race a bus on a turn, where I believe there was a blind spot to saw another vehicle from opposite way and I was tried to hide my fear by looked at the window, but it only made me scarier because there was a cliff outside my window!!!.

Behind my fear, I think all these people better work as stuntman than a driver.

I believe they’re a good candidate for fast and furious.


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  1. Udah lama ngak lintas lampung ini, jd kangen


    1. Utami Isharyani says:

      lampungnya sih gpp, nyetirnya itu loooh..macam punya nyawa 9..


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