Eight (Silent) Nights in Ubud


I usually get bored to stay in one hotel, but not this one. I was stayed here for eight nights because of my work nearby, but I was have spare time to experience some of their facilities.

I was booked family room (they call it villa), it has 2 bedrooms; one with double bed, and one with twin bed. One family room, a terrace, a balcony, two bathroms with bath tub, hot-cold shower.


The bedroom was very comfort with no bed bugs nor dusty smell.
During the day, I opened side door since there was mini garden beside my bed.

Mini garden also applied inside their bathroom, if I feel comfortable enough, I can slide the curtain and I have mini garden inside the bathroom.


They also provide toilettries, (almost) complete with mini hair dryer but they didn’t provide shower cap and hotel sandal.

They has western-style closet; seating closet without closet shower. For most asian people, this is not a comfort closet, but for non-asian (I think) it is okay.


The hotel has two swimming pool; one for adult and one for kids. The swimming pool was our favorite spot, I was doing yoga beside the pool while my friends swam at night before bed.

If you visit ubud for traveling or having sometime to relax, the hotel has ‘chess room’ with a bunch of books and billyard.


The hotel has their own restaurant with pasta and pizza as their menu. I recommend their pizza, the pizza was baked not fried. As another restaurant in Ubud, last order was 9.45 PM, all shops and restaurant closed at 10.00 PM, so make sure you already have dinner before that time.

First night in Ubud, our work done at 10.00 PM, quiet difficult to find restaurant. We can’t order food from Sanur because Taman Harum was quiet far from Sanur, so we was drove to Sanur to have our late dinner.

Overall, my stay in Taman Harum was good, one day service laundry with cheap price also make my business trip easier.

Room Rate (villa): IDR 1.200.000/night (flat currency USD 1 = IDR 13.000)
Hotel laundry for 4 of us = around IDR 300.000 (5 tshirts + 3 trousers + 2 socks + 4 sets undies)
Pizza = IDR 60.000/pan
Drinks = total around IDR 300.000 (soda, juice, mineral water)

Additional Note:
* Since the weather in Ubud is unpredictable, bring umbrella/raincoat at all times and never leave your belonging outside (except you want it get wet).
* Don’t be surprise if you’ll find insect inside your bed, it is because mini garden beside the bed and bathroom. If you son’t like insect, close side door and bathroom at all time.


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