Travel to The Soul


Traveling is not always to have fun with hike a mountain or dive into the sea, but also have fun by giving.

I have joined this community for more than 3 years… yes, we do have fun when we travel, and also have fun when we give something to people who need.

It always started on January, we survey and collect data, which school is our destination this year and what we will do.

At my first year, we went to SD Neglasari Cipanas. SD Sondong 1 Jonggol was the second and SDN 02 Sukawangi Cipanas in 2015.


When we survey, we have data about school needs; we check school building, school facility such as library, plumbings, and classrooms..
Then we plan how to fix it; collecting funds, find another volunteers and do some government administration things.

We marked 2 days on April as final days of volunteering.
Choose Gedung Tambang as meeting point on friday night, and we got to the volunteering site at 10.00 pm.

We set Saturday as playing day with the pupils; game science, puppet story, and creativity games were never fail to attract them to join.
The day started with personal hygiene like washing hands. We demonstrate it with song, and the pupils sang with us and start queing to wash their hands.

After breakfast, we got 1 creativity games and 6 to 7 science games to demonstrated, the pupils may watch, join and ask questions.

Beside coloring, the creativity focused on reuse things like plastic bottle, we hope this will be their early inspiration on how to reduce garbage.

And then we try to bring the theory they have in the classroom into life by game science, Iike why egg was drown in mineral water but floating in salty water, or like how telephone works.

The game was closed at noon with puppet story. They very eager to watch, some older pupils was climb a tree to have good spot to watch.

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As the pupils gone home, all volunteer had a lunch and finish the works; painting classrooms, shoes rack or put all donated books into the library shelf.



At saturday night, we arrange a movie time at the school yard with the kids, called layar tancap. We choose Indonesian Film such as “Denias, Senandung Diatas Awan” or “Di Timur Matahari” or “Tanah Air Beta”.

Sunday was always our free time, most of us were traveler and weekender, so we walking around the volunteering site, and always find good panorama, traditional snacks and icy dessert.


We got back to Jakarta at the afternoon, going back to our daily life as metropolists. One thing sure, everytime we got back from out volunteering site, we got happiness with us.

A happiness that money can’t buy.

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*since volunteer was unallowed to capture photos during activity with pupils, 90% photo are credit to


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      I will.. πŸ™‚


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