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Dessert Paradise

I love icy dessert.. and thank God, I live in paradise of icy dessert. So many options with different selling-style.

Es Dogeres-doger.jpg.jpeg

Doger, is acronym from Dorong Gerobak (pull the cart).

Though it is originally from Cirebon -West Java, Es Doger is easy to find in Jakarta. This tasteful dessert literally full because of its ingredients.

Its savory taste comes from coconut milk ice. A bit of sour were because of fermented black sticky rice, and fermented cassava at the bottom. and the actors behind the sweet taste were avocado, Meisjes and chocolate condensed milk.

Sliced of bread, peanut and jelly thing called pacar cina were also made this dessert has the texture.

Es Goyobod

wp-1451641552149.jpeg Es Goyobod is originally from priyangan area, West Java. Founded by a local Sundanese in 1940’s.

The base of this Icy dessert are from Aren palm tree (Arenga pinnata); its sago flour, and its fruits called kolang kaling (glibbertjes). The sago mix with water, ice cubes, peuyeum (fermented cassava) and add hunkwee pudding (a pudding from green pea flour)

Now, Goyobod Ice, has more ingredients in it: grass jelly, sliced coconut, and a chewy, translucent, jelly-like foodstuff called nata de coco. Some seller also add condensed milk or sugar syrup or both.

Name Goyobod is difficult to pronounce for non-local people, including me. Goyobod means totally wet in Sundanese language. as the hope of the founder, after drink it, people will feel refresh during the hot temperature.

Es Selendang Mayang

C360_2014-10-08-21-22-52-483This is my favorite dessert since Elementary School. It was IDR 200 (maybe around 25 cent dollar) at that time, and I should save my money before bought it.

Different from Es Goyobod which already transformed — the looks and the ingredients — from the 1940’s until 2016’s, Es Selendang Mayang hasn’t.

It still like it was decades ago, the looks, the ingredients, and how the seller carry it (they usually carry the dessert with 2 bamboo web, and lift it with rope and bamboo stick).

As Es Goyobod, Es Selendang Mayang also use hunkwee flour, but with rainbow color. This is where the name comes from — Selendang, because of the red color, as a shawl color back then. and Mayang for the white color.

My favorit is because Selendang Mayang has palm sugar syrup and green pudding made from rice flour. Different from Cendol, this pudding were sliced with spoon.

That was three desserts I ate this week, I will be back with another icy dessert in Indonesia.. soon..

Happy New Year..

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4 comments on “Dessert Paradise

  1. theitinerary1
    January 1, 2016

    wow, all of these icy desserts look awesome!


    • Utami Putri
      January 1, 2016

      Not only the look, all taste good.. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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