Jakarta China Town

And I received whatsapp message, a picture.. an invitation to join walking tour at china town.

“Absolutely yes” I said. Then, I was gone with new friends and a guide from Jakarta Good Guide..

China Town, or popular as Pecinan in Indonesian Language located at the center of Jakarta. We start from a 19th century’s house, a house with 100 rooms, they said.. it was owned by Majoor de Chineezen, Khouw Kim An. No wonder, because the major has big family, 14 wifes and 24 kids!!.

This heritage Kopi Oei Chandranaya. In 1960’s, Chandranaya was popular for wedding party.


From Chandranaya, we walked to petak 9 (petak sembilan), it was an area which has nine houses. As decades goes by, this place no longer has nine houses but hundreds.

Beside 400 years vihara and Church with chinese architecture, we will find everything about chinese traditional meds; acupuncture, reflexology, herbs.. things related to chinese culture, like chinese tarots and praying utilities.. and we will find ordinary raw foods such as vegetables and fruits, and unusual raw foods like sea cucumber and frogs.. to keep ot fresh, they sell it alive..


Then, we was gone to Gang Gloria, an alley popular with pork food.. any kind of pork food you can find here. Meatball, noodle, satay.. you name it.. but if you not a fan of pork, here also non-pork foods like rujak juhi (mix vegetable salad with dried shrimp), Afung’s Meatball, and my favorite food; Mie Kangkung Si Jangkung (Noodle with vegetable and thick gravy), I remember when was the first time I ate and I still feel the same happiness everytime I ate it..

In Gang Gloria, you will also find the oldest coffee shop; Tak Kie.. This generation to generation coffee shop became popular because they serve coffee with low acid (there was no coffee shop serve low acid coffee back then in 1920’s), but dot come here after lunch, the coffee shop closed at 2pm.

That day we didn’t have a chance to taste Tak Kie Coffee but we’re so happy to have so many good food here.. they might sell it as street food, but never worry about the taste.

Just come here with empty stomach, you’ll grateful for every good food landed in your tummy.



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