Nusantara Traveller’s Festival

I don’t know whether I am lucky or not..
Here’s why..

It called Festival Petualang Nusantara, or we can simply called it Nusantara Traveller’s Festival. Last week was the fourth festival, it held at Guci Kapal Beach, Lampung, Indonesia.

This yearly event runs 3 days, 2 nights. I went there with another first timers; Galuh, Rina, Rima, Ema, Jaffar, Sepri and his sister, April. We crossed over by commercial ship from Merak Harbour to Bakauheni Harbour and rented a minibus to Guci Kapal Beach.

We arrived at Guci Kapal Beach in the morning, we built our tent and then fell asleep at the beach under the tree.

At night, some of us slept inside the tent and some other slept under the milkyway.

This event has sharing session from professional adventurers, travel writer and snake community.

One of the adventurers was Don Hasman, an energetic old man who travel since 1950’s and still do it until today, at his 70’s. He can hike the mountain as fast as youngsters. And Teguh Sudarisman, a chemists who ended up as travel writer and photographer, a friend who doctrinized me to be travel writer 😁

Beside sharing session, there was also some activities to choose at the festival; snorkeling, diving, hiking at Rajabasa,  hiking at Krakatoa, biking around Kalianda Area, tree climbing, snake handling training, eaglewood tree planting and Paramotor (I don’t know the name in english, it’s like parasailing with engine).


Next time, I will be the rider (photo by sepri, ig:53pri)

I chose planting, snorkeling and hiking at Krakatoa.

Hiking at Krakatoa was special because it held on 17th August, Independence day of Indonesia. We was hike with flags in our hands, and held ceremony at 10 am. Honestly, it was my first independence ceremony in yeeeaaarrsss.. but it was the most touching ever, I even stop singging at some parts of Indonesian Anthem. 😛

Krakatoa is a place I want to visit since 2012. Visit Krakatoa on Independence day and joined independence ceremony is beyond my expectation before.


Celebrate 70th Independence day (Photo by Rait)

I feel unlucky because I’m 4 years late to know this event.. I wish I know it sooner.

But I feel lucky because I have friend who share this event on his timeline.

I definitely will join this event next year.


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