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Interesting Things About Yogyakarta

Istimewa, that is the slogan of Yogyakarta.. indeed, Yogyakarta has many preferential things as they said about them.

These are some;

1. Yogyakartans has the sense of humor

Awas Kejedot, Benjol Resiko Sendiri: Mind your head; Head bump will be your own consideration

Awas Kejedot, Benjol Resiko Sendiri:
Mind your head; Head bump will be your own consideration

They are very polite yet has the sense of humor. Some of their sign board successfully crack my smile. Let’s say, when I stayed in Eduhostel, They put a signboard like this:
“use the stairs, one level reduce 1 kilogram fat, 2 levels reduce 2 kilograms fat.. times 2, if you carry your girl”
“Mind your head, head bump will be your own consideration”

2. Yogyakartans are sweet tooths

At first, you might be shocked about it like me. Yogyakartans love everything with sugar.
I was quiet shocked when I ordered instant cappucino coffee (already sugar added) and the old lady who served my coffee add another spoonful of sugar, she said it’s common there.
And whether in a restaurant or only at the streetfood tent, if you order tea (without mention non-sugar tea) they will automatically serve you tea with sugar.
But don’t worry, their foods are delicious. I really fall in love with the foods.
Somehow I salute them to keep the good taste of food with cheap price.

3. Yogyakartans are talkative

Don’t worry if you visit Yogya alone. Once, I use becak to go around the city, and have a good chit chat with the paddle-man, he told me about how the city growing, and the government plan to build flyovers near Malioboro. And the old lady who served my coffee (I mention above) also talkative, she’s the one that give me a tips, if I order drink in Yogyakarta, I better mention the servant to made the drink without sugar, separated sugar, or add the sugar half from usual… this is because yogyakartans love sweet drinks.

4. Do not stick on Malioboro

There so many good place to visit.. for me, I’ll go to Malioboro only for buy some souvenir. For food, I’d rather eat outside Malioboro.. this time, I recommend 4 places;
* The best Angkringan Street food called Gareng Petruk, located in Kedaulatan Rakyat, only open at night (you can get here by TransJogja, the angkringan is very popular, you can ask locals and they will show you the way),
* The best Gudeg (a food with Jackfruit and Soy sauce) Called Yu Djum are located at Barek Area (North from University of Gajah Mada), Barek Area is gudeg restaurant area, but I like Yu Djum Restaurant better than others.
* Street Seafoods at the west of University of Gajah Mada (opens at night) are worth to try.
* Fish Gulai (Fish with Coconut Milk and Turmeric) located in A.M. Sangaji Street (or you can called it Jetis), at the north of Paparons Pizza. They have many variation of food beside Fish Gulai.

And about the souvenir, there was a souvenir I only found in Keraton Area, a kite which can swing it’s wing by using mechanical effect of twisted rubber band.

5. Becak

Becak as official hotel transportation

Becak as official hotel transportation

Becak is a famous public transportation here in Yogya. If in another big city you find taxi queuing in front of the hotel, you will find becak queuing in front of the hotel. And the becak are listed as hotels transportation (it is like airport taxi, the becak also write the hotel name at the body of becak with the becak body number).

I will visit Yogyakarta again at the end of this month. A short visit..
I hope I can share more Yogyakarta things afterwards.

Happy Travelling.

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