Unusual Items During My Travelling


Everybody has a must bring item during their trip, including me..
And these are my items:

1. Grounded Coffee and Coffee Bean

I’m a coffee lover, but I bring coffee not only to make a cup of coffee but also to reduce bad smell.
When I’m stuck in some place with bad smell, I will take a tablespoon of grounded coffee to reduce the smell; a cigarrette smell in your hotel room, foot odor from your dorm-mate, or smell caused by humidity..

And the coffee bean will help when I’m stuck in a public transportation with people with body odor.. (I can’t use grounded coffee, it will be a mess).

I just put the coffee bean inside a tiny-thin-fabric bag (like muslin or tulle) and bring it wherever I go.. I can hide it inside my handkerchief when I cover my nose.

2. Black/White Pepper and Salt

No, I don’t wanna cook something. This spices are to avoid insects. Pepper have a compound in them called capsaicin, it effective to avoid insects like moth, and ants. I use it for my closets, so I think, I can also use it for my backpack.
For me, pepper better than mothballs; pepper will last for 6 to 12 months before I change it while mothballs only last for 2-4 weeks, my wardrobe will not smell like pepper while my wardrobe will smell like mothballs if I use them in my closet, and the best part is pepper will not harm the environment.

And then salt, if you was a scout, you must be remember that you shoud put salt around your tent to avoid snake. Yes, I bring it also to avoid snake, milipedes, and some animal like it.
Instead use pesticide in my room I stayed, I will spread salt to the animal.

3. Cloth Hanger

I find it very useful in any where I travel; city, mountain, beach..
I like it more than S shaped hook.
I choose cloth hanger with foldable hook.

4. Duct Tape and or Tiny Rope

There was a time when my backpack’s shoulder strap broke off and I tied it with tiny rope.
And my shoe sole loose when I hike  a hill and I use duct tape to temporary fix it, look ridiculus but better than barefoot.. šŸ˜„

5. Split Key Ring

I was read that this item better than padlock for your luggage, never try this but it make sense..

For me,
I use this to keep separated tiny things into one, or to make my shopping bags tied into one.


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