Sea Conservation

wpid-picsart_1426147668839.jpgLast Saturday, I rode a motorbike in the rain with my friend to Kemang area where the discussion arranged..
Rain was not stopped us to got to there, because we knew we will have new knowledge there.. and because the seats was very limited (only for 150 persons) so when we got the seat, we won’t take it for granted.

The discussion starts on how we should keep the oceans from damage and how we conservate the habitat. We know that behind the beauty, the oceans are in trouble, because of over-fishing, climate changes, pollution, and habitat destruction. And if we do nothing, we will lose not only the beauty but we cannot have any fish at our dinner table anymore.

Conservation is not as hard as it heard, it includes how we treat the environment on a daily basis, like reduce-reuse-recycle.. because however, what we have done on the ground will affect the sea; plastic bags, liquid waste.. most of the waste will run into the sea..
Reduce plastic bags consumption, and reuse paper box are some of the example, or if we creative enough, we can create something from any waste; made dioramas from bamboo waste, made tote bags from detergent bags, and so on.

And what to do next?

It is no true love without understanding, right?
So about love the oceans, we should understand the do’s and dont’s about the oceans and every living things inside. For example, no over-fishing, no fishing with bomb, do not touch the coral nor step on it, do not consume rare fish, and if you care more, you can join any organization which focused on sea conservation; turtle, whale, mangrove.. there are so many organization to join.

The core point about everything above is to change our bad habit to save the habitat.

Do not say, it is useless if the person who care in your community is only you, one person means a lot for our oceans, and one person can influence people to do the same.


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