“Freelance Writing”

My Life As An Aspiring Software Engineer

The thing about freelance writing is that
it never gets boring. One moment, you’re writing about
flooring options for the kitchen

and the next moment you’re writing about
the ten reliable places to shop for antique furniture.
The topics are always eclectic and totally unconnected

and you can never tell what you’ll be asked to write about next.
You can never guess, for instance, that tomorrow
you might be asked to write an essay that answers the question,

“How can you tell if your diamond is loose?”
I can tell you right now, if you happen to be that sort of girl
who stays up late at night wondering whether the diamonds

on your engagement ring are in any danger of falling off.
It’s actually pretty easy: simply raise the ring
to your ear and tap the shank gently with your finger nail.

Do you hear a buzzing sound? Then…

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