Ransel Saya

"A traveler I am, a navigator, and everyday I discover a new region within my soul." ~Kahlil Gibran~

A Piece of Sundanese in Central Java

I saw an angklung group ‘mini show’ in pedestrian beside Ngabean crossroads. They instantly captured my interest, because angklung originally from West Java (Bandung and Garut) and Banten (Baduy)… quiet far from Yogyakarta, 8 to 12 hours by train.

Angklung’s unique and beautiful sounds, spoilt my ear.. then, I was think that I should share this story, so I tried to find good angle to took pictures..

I stepped backward..again..and again without looking, and I stepped on huge hole and slipped.. πŸ˜•
I got two pictures of them, with swollen ankle as bonus πŸ˜„..
But thank to my over flexible ligament, because I still can walk ‘normally’ to get around Taman Sari today.


Back to angklung,
Like every angklung group, this angklung grup is solid and harmonically perfect, it requires cooperation and coordination.

This time, I was their only audience who stay until their last song, while others only listen to them during traffic light turn red.

Having a piece of Sundanese in Central Java was worth my time.


In some event, angklung was used as ice breaking games.. each audience handled one angklung with specific tone, and played it by following the direction of the emcee.. so fun..

This moment gave me inspiration to visit Saung Udjo in Bandung to be one of angklung player in orchestra.. or, visit Baduy for the second time to watch Baduy kids play ancient angklung.

We’ll see.. πŸ˜‰


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